(14-19 years)

TEENFIT is a 55-minute class that empowers teens to participate in fitness by learning functional strength training movements. Focus is on cardio-respiratory endurance, strength and coordination.

The class helps teens to understand that strength training can be a healthy way to effectively build lean muscle mass, which helps balance their overall fitness, avoid injury, increases confidence, and enhances overall quality of life. The program will provide teens with a fun, safe, and effective workout.

This class is intended for every fitness level and every ability.


Hatha Yoga

(12+ years)

A balanced combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principals. This style of yoga strengthens the core, increases joint mobility and improves balance and posture through physical poses (asanas). This class is recommended for all levels of fitness/yoga and abilities.


Power Yoga for Athletes

(All ages)

Power yoga combines postures with an intense, cardio-based workout as well as stretching and lengthening the muscles. The physical postures are integral to preventing sport injury, strain and soreness. In addition to the physical aspects, athletes will cultivate focus and concentration through breathing and meditative practices. There will also be attention given to key muscle groups like core, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors and spine strengthening. This class is a great cross-training tool for all athletes at any level.

Dryland Training

(Under 16 years)

This class is designed for youth hockey and ringette athletes based on sport-science, research and experience. Each class focuses on developing/improving balance, movement, strength and energy to build a stronger, faster, smarter athlete. Our dryland program is built on training secondary fitness characteristics that directly transfer to hockey skills and tactics; power, speed, quickness, agility, multi joint strength, movement and reaction skills necessary for sports participation and top athleticism.

** This is NOT a team training class. This weekly class is for individual hockey and ringette athletes. For private team dryland programs please contact us directly or go to 'G&G Skate Training Centre'


Raise The Bar

(14+ years)

A 55 minute integrated powerlifting club for persons with exceptional needs.

MALE CLUB: Fridays at 5pm

FEMALE CLUB: Fridays at 6pm

- These classes are recommended for beginner to advanced lifters

- Male club is taught by a male Head Powerlifting Coach and experienced male powerlifting assistant coaches

- Female club is taught by a Female Head Powerlifting Coach and experienced female powerlifting assistant coaches


Its a girl thing! (13+ years)

A 55 minute fitness class for girls 13+ years. This class is designed to empower, strengthen, build confidence, friendships and independence through fitness and functional movement. All classes are modified and fully supported to ensure every ability can participate.


Building the next generation of healthy, strong, confident youth (6-12 years)

Fun, fitness and functional movement. Each workout combines cardiovascular/resistance training and functional training. Our programs are designed to help kids work on developing cardiovascular/muscular endurance, body control, and the passion for physical activity.

All classes are instructed safely and effectively under the supervision of certified and experienced coaches. For youth new to exercise, our program introduces them to fitness at an early age and makes it easier for them to adapt it into their lifestyle and carry into later years. For youth already exercising or playing sports, our program is designed to help them reach their next level of fitness and improve their performance.

iron ladiesedit.jpg

Iron Ladies

Just for the ladies! (19+ years)

A 55 minute female fitness class focused on building strong, confident, empowered women. Each participant is taught to safely move at their speed while encouraged and supported to put forth their absolute best effort. Classes consist of weight training, HIIT, core engagement and plyometric training to achieve maximum results and reach their goals. Classes are always styled to provide modifications allowing everyone to participate.


Strength & Conditioning

(19+ years)

A 55 minute co-ed cross-training adult class. Each workout includes a strength training, cardiovascular and fat burn component for maximum muscle gain and fat loss results.



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    To grow and nurture an integrated healthy and fit community through education and support.


- Absolutely NO bullying of any kind is tolerated in our facility

- We are a completely integrated facility and believe EVERY ABILITY has the right to attain our services, participate in our programs and belong under our roof. If you do not agree, we will not judge you however this is not the right facility for you.

- We work hard for you and we expect the same in return. We will not waste your time so please do not waste ours. Show up ready to try, prepared to listen, wanting to learn and work hard. #RESPECT