I feel a lot stronger since I started working out. Hats off to my trainer Ryan, tonnes thankful that he is so patient and thoughtful. Think he is nice accepting me just the way I am. Am in the best shape from really so much exercise. I stopped totally being nervous at workout. Think it’s because Ryan totally not mad if I have a hard time controlling my ragey body. Hard to control when I get tired. In shape but I still get so tired every workout. It is meaning I am working hard. Hard stopping things like making weights fall down. Impulse takes over and I can’t resist. However happy Ryan so nice about it. Get not really mad and calmest boy so means a lot that I feel so understood and appreciated by Ryan. So happy get nice happy Ryan to work out with.

– Fox, age 10 (non-verbal autism)

I wasn’t having the most positive day when I stepped into the Lightheart Yoga practice at 44 Gaukel, but after an hour of laughing and stretching, my entire day shifted into a much more upbeat vibe. It may seem a little weird at first, but laughing at anything (even if its laughing at the fact you’re trying to make yourself laugh) is easily one of the most powerful actions a person can take to evolve their emotional state – and it works! It was such a convenient and greatly needed activity to have right here at 44 Gaukel. Thanks Karen from Active Souls Project!

– Aaron

Laughter Yoga was a great addition to my work day. I returned to my desk feeling totally energized and ready to take on the day! Karen was a fantastic instructor, who made me (as a first-time yoga-goer!) feel totally at ease. Karen made the space feel very safe and comfortable and my co-workers and I had a great time laughing with each other. Thanks Karen for this experience!

– Eilidh, ArtsBuild Ontario

Alison is a motivator. Each personal training session with her pushes me out of my comfort zone which has led to more confidence in my abilities. Her sense of humour and patience helps me get through anything in those challenging moments. It is so appreciated! She has high but realistic expectations which make me challenge myself. Alison’s knowledge shines as she accommodates my workouts to meet any injuries or needs. She is personable and always shows interest in my day and how I am feeling. Deciding to invest in personal training was a huge decision for me and I am thankful for connecting with a trainer who is pleasant, knowledgeable, dedicated and makes me accountable with my exercise. I continue to feel stronger and always look forward to my next session. She is a great representative for Active Souls—a group of people who know how to combine a mixture of high expectations, accommodations and friendliness.

– Lisa, age 55

I have been working with a Personal Trainer names Ryan for almost six months. I have been going in once a week for one hour sessions. I have seen incredible changes in my body. I am happy to report that I have more body control and more body awareness. I can finally feel where my body is at all times, that you are floating all the time. That is how I felt when I was not tethered to my service dog Gusto. Moving my legs felt impossible at times. I felt like I couldn’t get to where I want to go. It is so frustrating. I would grab things I wasn’t suppose to grab but my hands would still grab those things. Making purposeful movements was extremely difficult. This was so frustrating. Having outbursts were the worse. I would be screaming at myself to stop but this out of control body had other plans. I would feel ashamed of myself afterwards. Such awful feelings after a meltdown or outburst. I am happy I don’t have those feelings hardly anymore. I feel empowered with my now controlled body. I can now help my mom with chores. What an amazing feeling to be able to help out around the house and in stores.
I think all autistics should work out and find their bodies. I have to say thank you to my trainer Ryan for the awesome weekly workouts and the awesome music to workout to.

– Brayden, age 9 (non-verbal autism)

Sascha has given me back my daughter! What Brooke has lost in pounds, she has gained ten-fold in confidence! I am forever grateful.

– Nicole, Brooke’s mother

I have fun with Sascha! We laugh a lot when we work out and I’m her little buddy.

– Brooke, age 19 (Autism)

Dear Sascha,

Thank you……

Thank you for getting me back on track in such a simplified way. We all learn growing up how important nutrition is but there are a few missed key points according to the “Food Guide”. Such as do you train or play sports competitively? I wonder looking back if I was getting the right amount of protein, micronutrients, carbohydrates and fiber? Probably not and I was on the ice playing hockey six days a week.

Today, I have arthritis in my knees and hips and actually need a hip replacement. Usually that statement is from a 60+ year old but as you know I am only 38. So getting to the gym is much more than just important, it is vital. I must keep my body fat down, stay strong and stretch a lot! Getting to the gym is not the problem for me, the problem was making sure I am properly fueled every day to be ready for the workouts, keeping up with my eight year old daughter and my career (jumping on 40 flights a year, eating at restaurants and entertaining my accounts with a beverage or two). What you have shown me in the last few months regarding nutrition has been absolutely amazing and SIMPLE! I feel the best I have in a decade and now when I have a business trip coming up, I research ahead of better places I can eat and even stock up a few items in my hotel room. It is totally a lifestyle, not a diet. Diet to me is just a four letter word for failure……

In the first six weeks of using your meal plan I lost eight pounds and my strength at the gym has increased dramatically. It was as if my body recognized that it had everything it needed, so LETS GO!

There are times in life when we meet people for one reason or another. I am so glad I have you in my life to keep me on track, challenge me with information about nutrition (which makes me curious and do research myself) and celebrate the goals as they happen.

I wish you and your family all the best this holiday season and I am looking forward to making 2016 a rock star year.

Lots of love…..

Your favourite sales guy,

Mike P.

I am forever grateful for Active Souls Project. I’ve always struggled to maintain regular healthy eating habits and exercise, but that has all changed for me! Sascha developed a very easy to follow program that met my needs and goals. She was able to answer questions I had along the way, alter my program when needed and give me the support to keep going. I’ve dropped the few pounds Id hoped, have more energy and feel so much stronger. Most importantly she paved the path to my new healthy lifestyle. Thank you.

– Jessica, age 30

We have loved working with Active Souls Project over the last few months! My 8 year old son is Autistic and requires a major outlet for his energy. He is also an avid para swimmer with a local swim club. Sascha and her team have developed a program for my son that is geared towards making him a stronger, faster swimmer, while also giving him a way to work out his extra energy. Best of all, they keep everything safe so that he doesn’t get hurt. They have also been amazing with working around some of his challenging behaviours. I would recommend Active Souls Project to anyone!

– Christine Rose

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to train with Sascha. Her amazing motivation has inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle. I love how great I feel when I eat right and exercise!

I love how accommodating Sascha is! She’s proven to me I can still get that satisfying workout in right at home if I can’t make it to the gym.

Thank you for pushing me and showing me what I’m capable of!

– Carlie, age 22

Sascha has made working out so fun! I never realized I could do so much with so little equipment and in such a short time! Sascha’s knowledge and expertise are amazing. She has taught me to love working out even in a parking lot!! The creativity never ends each workout has something new. Thank you Sascha for keeping it real but also keeping it fun! I always look forward to our workouts you are the best!

– Barb C, age 50

Motivating, challenging, professional, knowledgeable, unique, and fun workouts week after week is what I’ve been blessed to have with Sascha as my trainer for over a year now. My energy, strength, mobility, and endurance have all substantially increased. And to my great surprise, after a lifetime of despising fitness, I now crave strength training and cardio workouts. Thanks Sascha, for bringing life back into this ‘old bird’!

– Eileen W, age 50